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Presto from Koyunbaba - Carlo Domeniconi
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Legends of Fire

Music of passion, mystery and romance. On Matthew Marshall’s debut recording from 1995 you will hear some of the most evocative music written for the guitar in recent years. Six composers from around the world are represented including Dilermando Reis of Brazil, Richard Charlton of Australia, Toru Takemitsu, John Duarte, Aleksandr Kramskoi and it also includes Carlo Domeniconi’s epic work Koyunbaba.


Three Brazilian Pieces   –   Dilermando Reis

1. Se ela Perguntar

2. Ternura

3. Xodo da Baiana


Koyunbaba   –   Carlo Domeniconi

4. Moderato

5. Mosso

6. Cantabile

7. Presto, Moderato


8. Melancholy Valse   –   Aleksandr Ivanov Kramskoi


Impressions from the Dreamtime   –   Richard Charlton

9. Legend of Fire

10. Frog Dreaming

11. Kondole and the Corroboree

12. The Black Swan

13. Finale; the dancers are changed into animals


14. Variations on a Catalan Folksong   –   John Duarte


15. A Song of Early Spring   –   Akira Nakada/Toru Takemitsu


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